Aspects Wooden windows AluminumWindows PVC windows Fiberglass windows
Thermal conductivity Low High Low Very low
Sound Conductivity Medium High Low Low
Expansion coefficient Very low Medium Very high Very low
Possibility of repainting Yes Conditioned No Yes
Quality of being washable No Yes Yes Yes
Installation speed Low Medium High High
Durability Low High Low High
Resistance against fire Low Good Low Very good
Resistance against corrosion and wearing away Low Good Medium Very good
Making pollution and poisoning while burning Medium Medium Very high Medium



1. Very low Weight.
2. No need to metal reinforcement due to the high rate of durability and resistance.
3. Very excellent Sound insulation.
4. Long life and high resistance.
5. Resistant against Corrosion.
6. Resistant against fire.
7. Resistant against Suns ultraviolet rays.
8. Resistant against pressure resulted from earthquake.
9. Very excellent heat insulator.
10. No sound while wind blowing and storm.
11. High coefficient of safety against burglary.
12. Producible in different beautiful.
13. Easy opening and closing because of very low expansion


Introduction of Fiberglass Doors & Windows

Fiberglass doors and windows are made of polyester resin and fibers of glass.
The resin is used as the basic material and the fibers as the material resistant to tension forces.
In fiberglass profiles different Kinds of mineral filling materials which create numerous properties in the profile are used.
One of the ways of reducing energy Consumption is using Composite doors and Windows with double glazing.