Applied standards

Production under the well-known world standards


Advantages of fiberglass pipes made by Aria Kavan Group

Specifications of fiberglass pipes The results obtained from using fiberglass pipes
●Resistance against corrosion (different kinds of chemical ,mechanical and biological corrosions) ●Long life (50 years )
●No need to coat the internal layer and the external covering as well as cathodic protection
●Low cost of repairing , maintaining and exploiting
●Constancy of hydraulic specifications during the exploitation period
●Low weight (equal to 30% of the weight of steel pipes ,25% of the weight of cast iron pipes and 10% of the weight of concrete pipes with the same geometrical specifications ●Easiness and decrease of loading , transportation and unloading costs
●The possibility of inserting pipes with different sizes inside each other while transportation
●Easiness of installation and reduction of charges for installation and exploitation
●Smooth and fully polished internal surface ●High rate of hydraulic capacity
●Reduction of charges for pumping and consumed energy due to less head loss
●Reduction of the costs of primary investment due to using pipes with smaller diameters
●No sedimentation on the surface of the pipe and remaining the hydraulic specifications the same in the beginning and at the end of exploitation period
●Process of flexible production ●Diversity of GRP pipe production
●The possibility of supplying pipes in different length and diameters in accordance with the purchasers demand
●The possibility of producing any kind of joint on the purchasers order
●The possibility of producing pipe with special chemical and mechanical characteristics
●Producing under world well-known standards ●High and constant quality of products
●Being assured and trusted by by the purchaser Guarantee
●Coupling and bell & spigot joints ●Assured connection and appropriate sealing
●Easiness of the connection system and reduction of installation time
●Removing the joints with low angle the possibility of making a trivial angle deflection within the pipe length
●Confronting with stresses resulted from asymmetric soil settlement
●Diversity in installation method ●The possibility to be ground
●The possibility to mount the pipes on the surface if a resin resistant to the suns ultraviolet rays is used
●The possibility to install them afloat or under installed under the sea
●Special Applications by special materials ●Using for hot fluids up to a temperature of 178 centigrade degrees
●Using as the vents or chimney
●Producing pipes with a length of 12m. and more ●Reduction of the number of connections , consequently the instillation time
●The possibility to transport more pipes by an articulated lorry

Advantages of using fiberglass Pipes made by Aria Kavan Group

1. This product has a very Considerable low weight (equal to 10% of the weight of concrete pipes, 25% of the weight of pipes made of cast iron, and 30% of the weight of the same steel pipes)
2. This product is transported and installed easily and with a low Cost.
3. There is the possibility of inserting pipes with different sizes inside each other while transporting by articulated lorry. (Pipe nesting)
4. This product has no need for internal and external protection, on the contrary of the concrete, cast iron, and steel pipes.
5. It is resistant against ultraviolet rays of sunshine.
6. The internal surface of the pipe is smooth and polished which increases the hydraulic capacity.
7. Using this product causes to decrease the pumping cost due to the fact that the internal surface is smooth and polished and the pressure loss is reduced.
8. using this pipe causes to decrease the costs of de – sedimentation due to smoothness of the internal surface.
9. The wall of the pipe is not worn away due to the fact that the internal surface is smooth and polished.
10. This product is resistant against chemical fluids and is the best choice for transferring urban and industrial sewerage.
11. It is sanitary and appropriate for transferring raw water and drinking water.
12. This product is resistant in high temperatures.
13. It enjoys a life length more than 100 years.