Tanks on site

1. Polished and smooth surface the washing and leaning of which is easy.
2. Resistant against different Kinds of physical, Chemical and biologic corrosion.
3. Low thermal conductivity and Keeping the heat of the fluid for a long period.
4. Long life of about 50 years and the capacity for being repaired and increasing life period as well as resistance during the application period.
5. The Capacity to install the heating and cooling equipments and installations in any point of the tank
6. High resistance against the atmospheric factors and direct sunlight.
7. Life period about five folds of the life period of metal and concrete tanks against corrosive materials.
8. The possibility of being used as the tanks of desulfonation.
9.The most important factor is production speed.
10. Being guaranteed.

catalog grp tanks

a. Good strength in axial and longitudinal directions; excellent vacuum resistance; not easy to rupture; no safety worry, and specified in ASTM D-3299 b. Good seismic resistance; suitable for fabricating extra-large FRP storage tanks c. Keep high flexural ability, when the height & diameter ratio is greater than 2

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