These instructions, which are based on successful experiences in a wide variety of situations, are issued as a
guide for the installation of AKFA underground storage tanks. Compliance with the procedures and instructions
contained in this Installation Manual are necessary for the proper installation of AKFA tanks. Failure to comply
will void AKFA’s obligations under the limited warranty for the tank(s) and could cause tank failure.

1.1.1. Before beginning the tank installation, read through the entire Installation Manual and Operating
Guidelines (subsequently referred to as Installation Manual). It is the responsibility of the owner, installer and
operator to understand and follow all requirements contained in this Installation Manual.
1.1.2. Work must be performed according to standard industry practices that may apply to all aspects of tank
installations and operations.
1.1.3. Work must comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal regulations and standards, such
• Federal, provincial and municipal construction, health,
safety and environmental codes
• National Fire Code of Canada and provincial fire codes
• Industry standard practices (for example, PEI RP100,
API RP1615).
NOTE: Certain Canadian provincial laws require owners to register underground storage tanks. Consult the
applicable provincial regulations regarding this registration.
1.1.4. For additional information, contact relevant provincial and municipal storage-tank authorities, including
health, fire or building departments, and environmental agencies.
1.1.5. The following definitions will serve as a guide when reading the Installation Manual:
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injury. Notice
indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could result in property damage.
1.1.6. Keep this Installation Manual available at the installation site to refer to safety procedures as needed.
Follow OSHA regulations for tank excavations. Collapse of excavation walls could result in death or serious
1.1.7. Working in and around excavations is dangerous. Prior to beginning work at the site, the installer must
read and understand any federal or provincial standard applicable to excavation.
1.1.8. Careless activity or reckless operation of equipment can cause death, serious injury or property damage.
1.1.9. Federal, provincial and municipal codes and regulations always take precedence over a AKFA
1.1.10. No instructions or procedures presented in this Installation Manual should be interpreted so as to put at
risk any person’s health or safety, or to harm any property or the environment.
1.2.1. It is important to follow the procedures and instructions in this manual in order to safely and properly
install a AKFA underground storage tank and accessories. Failure to follow these instructions will void AKFA’s
obligations under the limited warranty, may result in tank failure or property damage, and could cause serious
personal injury or death. The presence of a AKFA representative does not relieve the installer of responsibility for proper
installation of the tank.

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