Glass reinforced epoxy resin pipes :

GRVE pipes and fittings made from vinyl ester resin and they are completely similar to the GRP pipes and fittings because of below items but just their advantages is its higher HDT and more chemical resistance than GRP pipes made by polyester resin against chemical and hydrocarbon liquids and desalination waters and sea water.

Vinyl ester resin strength is equal with polyester resin strength

Curing of vinyl ester resin is similar with polyester resin

Both of them can use in continuous and discontinuous production process

5 Production Process

1-AK pipes are manufactured using the continuous advancing mandrel process which represents the state of the art in GRP pipe production. This process allows the use of continuous glass fibre reinforcements in the circumferential direction. For a pressure pipe or buried conduit the principle stress is in the circumferential direction, thus incorporating continuous reinforcements in this direction yields a higher performing product at lower cost.

Manufacturer of GRP pipes DN 4000 mm

Aria kavan Atlas company is an unique manufacturer of GRP […]

The first and biggest GRP vessel tank in iran

The first and biggest GRP vessel Tank in Iran for storage of […]

Ak pipe (PP-R pipes and fittings) in Daryoosh Hotel (Iran-Kish Island)

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