(The advantages of the joint urban Utility tunnel made of GRP (fiberglass

1. Benefiting from Valid guarantee and insurance for tunnel, internal Supports and implementation and installation in the desired place.
2. Establishing coordination and accurate programming in implementing the Service and infrastructural projects.
3. Rendering easy Services and Supporting the Services.
4. Preventing from wasting time and national and private Capitals
5. Removing the traffic problems resulted from numerous and sometimes inappropriate digging.
6. Facilitating the repair and replacement of pipes and other installations Without any need for re digging the trench.
7. The possibility of physical protection of installations from the probable damages and doing administrative services for increasing the life period of the installations even up to more than one hundred  years.
8. Preventing any Kind of misuse from the installations by the unauthorized people.
9. Reducing the charges for maintaining the installations.
10. Easiness and speed of implementation compared with the traditional concrete tunnels.
11. Easiness and speed of distributing compared with concrete tunnels.
12. High rate of life period and appropriate sealing of the body of the tunnel compared with concrete tunnels.
13. Low rate of charges for implementing the tunnel project in comparison wit other Kinds.
14. Considerable decrease of wastes and water distribution network due to the fact that the pipes are easily seen.
15. Smooth and polished surface of tunnel and the possibility to wash inside it and facilitating water flow at the floor of the tunnel.
16. For the First time in the world

Energy Tunnel made of GRP Utility Tunnels by AK pipes

Aria Kavan Co .has suggested the usage of the urban  energy tunnel made of fiberglass GRP in Iran for the first time in the world and made the first utility tunnel in the holy city of Mashhad