Wellcome to Ariakavan website.

Wellcome to Ariakavan website.

Technical specifications of ARIA KAVAN ATLAS
Quantity of equipments and production line capacity

1- 3 production lines of continuous GRP/GRVE pipes from 300 to 4000 millimeter diameters
2- Certified under license of VEM of Italy
3- 3 production lines of discontinuous GRP pipes from 50 to 1000 millimeter diameters
4- 2 production lines of discontinuous GRP pipes from 400 to 4000 millimeters of diameter
5- Equipped with the workshop for production of all GRP fittings
6- Equipped with production lines of portable fiberglass tanks up to 4 meters diameter and 12 meters length with 150 cubic meters of volume and fixed tanks from 4 meters to 25 meters in diameter and 2000 cubic meters of volume which are produced at the site and are increasable up to 10000 cubic meters volume


Our services

We can present below services if our customer needs:

Before sale services includes:

Design or revise of the pipe line design

Revise of geotechnical studies in pipe line area

Advise  for  raw material specially about kinds of resins and suggest a  suitable resin like  Polyester  ,  Vinyl ester  or Epoxy resin

Advise for kinds of joints and suggest a suitable joint like mechanical joint (coupling and flange) or laminate joint or taper joint

Stress analysis for underground and aboveground pipes by the latest soft wares

Thrust block design